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Cheat On Me, If You Can : E14 - 01/21/2021


Yeo-ju is a best-selling mystery/thriller novelist who is famous for punishing cheaters harshly in her novels. She always thinks about how to kill someone and cover-up as a suicide or an accident. She has a happily married life with Woo-sung. His undying love for Yeo-ju is well known; he even wrote a memorandum swearing that he would give up everything, including his life, if he cheated on her. Nowadays, Woo-sung works as a divorce lawyer and has the nickname 'The best husband.' However, all of them are fake: behind his 'perfect husband' disguise, he has cheated on his wife multiple times. Despite Woo-sung's meticulous deception, Yeo-jun eventually knows his cheating.

Tags KBS, drama, comedy, mystery, thriller, Cho Yeo-jung, Ko Joon, Kim Young-dae, Yeonwoo

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