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Cafe Midnight S1- Begins : E02 - 04/15/2021


At Sanbok Road in Busan, there is a café that opens from midnight to dawn only. Visitors from different times and spaces come with their own untold stories, to whom Master serves drinks that he arbitrarily has chosen depending on the first impressions of them and the mood of the days. No one knows how old Master is or where he is from. One day, Jaeyeong discovers a strange recruitment leaflet - a clumsily written invitation to Café Midnight that displays an odd location not spotted at a navigation app or a map. As he begins to work part-time there, he meets two people: Mi-na, whom he was in love with and failed to have it returned, and a stranger who says she is his ex-girlfriend.

Tags 815 Pictures, drama, fantasy, Cafe Midnight S1- Begins, Sin Ju-hwan, Song Won-yeop, Park Si-woo, Woo Da-vi

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