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Born Again : E14 - 06/02/2020


In the 1980s, when the notorious Yellow Umbrella Killer case happens, Ji-chul suffered that one day he would be a killer like his father. He met Ha-eun, who ran the secondhand bookshop. Getting close to her, he believes that his doomed life could be better. Ha-eun was engaged to Hyung-bin, a police detective. Ha-eun was dying because of heart disease, and Hyung-bin swore to protect her until the death. Ji-chul tried to kill somebody to get a heart for Ha-eun, and it eventually brought their demise. In 2020, another Yellow Umbrella Killer case happens. Jong-bum, a medical student and the family's black sheep, falls for to Sa-bin, a quirky bone archeologist. Soo-hyuk, a prosecutor who believes that criminals cannot be redeemed, gets alarmed that Jong-bum, a former criminal, is around at Sa-bin. Protecting the doctor, Soo-hyuk also has a feeling for her.

Tags KBS, Drama, Romance, Born Again, Jang Ki-yong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Jeong-nan, Choi Kwang-il, Jung In-kyum

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