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Blue Swallow

Movie Info.


Blue Swallow


Drama, Period

Director / Writer

Yoon Jong-chan


Jang Jin-young, Kim Joo-hyuk, Yuko Fueki, Han Ji-min, Jin Tae-hyun , Toru Nakamura


Kyung-won always dreamed of flying to the sky. When she saw the airplane for the first time, being a pilot became her life goal. She attends the Air Academy while working as a cap driver. Ji-hyuk, a student from Chosun, falls for her, but he is forced to enlist by his father. A few years later, Kyung-won's popularity sails across the sea to her home country. She meets Ji-hyuk again and falls in love with him. When Kibe, who took Kyung-won's qualification for the flight competition, gets into a serious accident, Kyung-won saves her. With Ki-be's support, Kyung-won manages to enter the contest and narrowly wins the title. Her final goal is to fly back to Chosun, but the reality keeps her from flying to the sky.



Running Time

133 min

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