Big Issue : E14


THE BIG ISSUE is a story about the glamorous and shade sides of show business and the cutthroat competition in entertainment journalism. Han Seok-ju was a successful photojournalist, but a work-related incident made him fall out of the grace. Now, alcoholic and homeless, he wants to live unseen by others. When his daughter is sick, however, he has to do whatever to save her life. That's when an opportunity comes upon him. Ji Soo-hyun is the editor-in-chief for the most infamous tabloid paper. She needs someone who can rush into dangerous scenes and capture the "moneymaking" moments. Ji persuades Han to jump into the world of paparazzi. His skill and desperation, combined with Ji's acute senses, become the most powerful weapon for both of them.

Tags SBS, Drama, Han Ye-seul, Joo Jim-mo, Shin so-yool, Park Sun-im, Choi Song-hyun, Song Kyung-cheol, Oh Kwang-rok, Min-seo, Danny Ahn

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