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Because Lee Dong-wook Wants to Talk : E10


After 20 years of his career as an actor and entertainer, Lee Dong-wook finally becomes a host a show with his name on it! On BECAUSE LEE DONG-WOOK WANTS TO TALK, a celebrity guest will be invited to the show and have the talk that will reveal many facets of himself or herself. Lee, as a considerate and kind host, will lead an entertaining and meaningful conversation that makes you, the viewers, enjoy tremendously. Jang Do-yeon, a comedienne famous for the quick wit, will be present as Lee's sidekick.

Tags SBS,variety,talkshow,Lee Dong-wook, Jang Do-yeon, Cho Jung-sik, Seoyoungdo Band,Gong-yoo

Because Lee Dong-wook Wants to Talk - Episode

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