Beautiful You : E01


Beautiful Miracles Do Happen!

Cha Seo-kyung is a successful radio program writer, but she doesn’t get along with her producer Ha Jin-hyung because of her outspoken personality. One day Seo-kyung falls madly in love with Byun Jin-ho, a poor photographer, but Seo-kyung’s mother won’t acknowledge their relationship. As the conflict with her mother escalates, Seo-kyung leaves her mother and moves to the U.S. with Jin-ho. However, 2 years later, she breaks up with Jin-ho and comes back to Korea pregnant. At the airport, she runs into Ha Jin-hyung, who is returning from a business trip.

Tags Lee So-yeon, Kang Eun-tak, Seo Do-young, Jung Ae-ri, Park Geun-hyung, Beautiful You, drama

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