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Beautiful Vampire

Movie Info.


Beautiful Vampire


Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Mellow

Director / Writer

Jung Eun-kyung


Jung Yeon-joo, Song Kang


In Mangwon-dong, the latest hot place in Seoul, does live a 500-year-old vampire. Ran have kept a low profile not to reveal her identity. She even masters how to live without drinking human blood, so she is very confident that she can manage any situation. And then, capitalism beats her. She is in danger of vacating her salon because of the new owner of the building she rented. Meanwhile, she meets the owner's son, So-nyun: a twentysomething aspiring actor who knows that he is handsome. When he enters the salon to prepare his big audition, Ran was shocked because he has the same scent as her lover from a long time ago. Hwang Jin-yi taught her the make-up skills and loved her as she was. As So-nyun keeps flirting her, Ran is agonizing between her feelings towards the 480-year-younger boy and her craving for the human blood.



Running Time

73 min

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