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Beastie Boys

Movie Info.


Beastie Boys



Director / Writer

Yoon Jong-bin


Yoon Gye-sang, Ha Jung-woo, Yoon Jin-suh, Kim Min-joo, Ma Dong-seok, You Ha-jun, Kwon Yul, Yoon Ah-jung, Bae Jin-a, Hong Yi-ju, Im Jung-woon, Jang Ji-won, Kim Joon-seo, Lee Seung-jun, Jun Kyung-ho


Seung-woo and Jae-hyun is famous male hosts who serve female clients in discreet salons. They do their best to keep luxurious and stylish to lure clients and make more money. Their not-so-dynamic lives change when Seong-woo meets Ji-won, a friend of his client. Ji-won also works as a hostess, and Seung-woo falls for her holding hopes for a better future. As he starts to pay her debt, Jae-hyun warns him about possible cheating. But Seong-woo doesn't listen to him, dreaming for a happy and ordinary life with her. Meanwhile, Jae-hyun spends every money he earns to gamble. As his debt keeps mounting, he decides to "do the work" to a client to pay back the money. That causes him the relationship with Han-byul, his longtime girlfriend and Seung-woo's sister.



Running Time

123 min

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