Bad Love : E51


BAD LOVE follows young men and women who are interconnected via blood, love, and hate. So-eun, who works at a fabric shop, runs into Jae-hyuk, a designer and a customer to her shop. Although their relationship starts rocky, they soon develop a friendship. Min-hyuk, Jae-hyuk's half brother, feels inferior to his brother because his father, an owner of a big company, doesn't care for him as much as his brother. One day, he spots Yeon-soo, a temp working at his company, on a rainy street. Yeon-soo wants to get out of her miserable life with an infant and a young husband. To her, Min-hyuk is a ticket for a whole new world. Meanwhile, So-eun is thrilled to meet her twin sister's fiance. The lucky guy, however, turns out to be Min-hyuk.

Tags MBC, drama, melodrama, Shin Go-eun, Cha Min-ji, Lee Sun-ho, Oh Seung-ah, Yoon Jong-hwa, Jeon Seung-bin, Jung Ae-ri, Nam Kyeong-eup , Lee Sang-sook, Jeon Jin-ki, Shim Eun-jin

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