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Director / Writer

Min Gyu-dong/Min Gyu-dong, Lee Kyung-eui, Kim Da-young


Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, Yoo Ah-In, Choi Ji-ho, Andy Gillet, Kim Chang-wan, Lee Hwi-hyang, Oh Mi-hee


Jin-hyuk, a handsome heir of a corporate fortune, opens a small cake shop in a quiet residential area in Seoul. The only reason he decided to open the cake shop despite his dislike of sweets is that most customers of a cake shop are women. He hires a talented patissier Sun-woo, not knowing that Sun-woo had been the guy who had confessed his love to Jin-hyuk in high school. With Ki-bum who has come to work as an assistant because of his love for Sun-woo’s cakes and Soo-young, Jin-hyuk’s bodyguard turned a waiter, Antique finally is open for business. However, none of the men turns out to be who they appear to be. Sun-woo, despite his beautiful face, has strange fear of women. Ki-bum was an ex-boxer who had been the youngest Asian champion. And Soo-young is a clueless troublemaker. Most of all, Jin-hyuk changes to a completely different man when his family is around. As their secrets unravel one by one, the men realize that they must face the past they had run from. Will they be able to face their fear and run Antique successfully?



Running Time

109 min

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