Angel's Last Mission: Love : When I've Lost Meaning of Life, He Appeared


Kim Dan is an angel with the ultimate optimism and a never-ending streak of troubles. Just finishing his final mission on Earth, he gets involved in an accident that can make him extinct in the universe. Instead of punishment, however, he gets a new mission: to find a love for a human. Here is the twist; the human, Lee Yeon-seo does not believe in love. She dreamed of being a great prima ballerina, but a tragic accident took her parents and her dream. She also lost her faith in humanity while dealing with the piranha who want to take her parents' fortune from her. As vicious and cynical as she is, she cannot believe in anyone but herself. Can the angel help the cold ballerina find the true love inside her?

Tags romance,drama,Shin Hye-seon, Kim Myeong-su, Lee Dong-gun, Kim Bo-mi, Kim In-kwon, Lee Ye-na, Woo Hee-jin

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