An Affair

Movie Info.


An Affair


Romance,Melo Drama

Director / Writer

Lee Jae-yong


Lee Mi-sook,Lee Jung-jae,Song Young-chang,Kim Min


Seo-hyun lives a prosperous life with a ten-year-old son and a husband who works as an architect. Her peaceful daily life turns when she meets Woo-in, her sisters' fiancé. For Ji-hyun, who has to work abroad, she helps In-woo to prepare the wedding. The more they meet, the deeper Seo-hyun falls for him. Woo-in also harbors a desire for her, even though he knows he has to stop. When he calls in sick, Seo-hyun stops by at his apartment, and they finally sleep together. Since then, they keep being intimate with each other. As Ji-hyun comes back, they know they should end the affair, which is not easy for them.



Running Time

108 min

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