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Alice : E14


Jin-kyum has only one goal for ten years: to catch who killed his mother, Sun-young. Suffering the emotional blunting, she was all he had. So he must find whoever was responsible for his only parent, the guardian, and the best friend. In 2020, when the police have a hard time to figure out a series of mysterious cases, Jin-kyum, as a police detective, sees something inexplicable: his mother, though a little younger, is right in front of him. Tae-yi is a genius in physics, but she gets puzzled by this borderline stalker. He follows everywhere she goes and sometimes cries in front of her. However, when they work together to crack the mysterious cases, the so-called "time travelers" threaten Tae-yi's life. When they find out that future Tae-yi has the key to enabling time travel, the truth behind the relationship between Jin-kyum and Tae-yi also reveals.

Tags SBS,Drama,Romance,SF,Alice,Kim Hee-sun,Joo Won,Kwak Si-yang,Lee Da-in

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