A Pledge To God : E01


Promise with the God follows a divorced couple who are desperate to save their only son. Ji-young and Jae-wook’s happy marriage fell when Jae-wook spent a night with Na-kyung, Ji-young's high school friend. Now, Ji-young is married to Min-ho, a nice man who loves her son like his own, and Jae-wook has a family with Na-kyung. Their happiness is in danger when Hyun-woo, son of Ji-young and Jae-young, has run out of the option to treat his leukemia. To save their son, two people who swore they would never see each other again decide to have a baby. Their spouses got hurt by their choice: Min-ho doubts at his wife's love and devotion to their marriage, and Na-kyung realizes that her husband does not love her truly. The show will tell us not only an ethical dilemma when trying to save a life, but a story of distrust and anger in a complicated love square.

Tags MBC, Drama, Han Chae-young, Bae Soo-bin, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Chun-hee

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