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A Man Who Feeds the Dog Season 2 : E46


For the so-called Homo Solitarius, who feel utterly alone in this hectic world, “A Man Who Feeds the Dog” has come back for its second season. In this season, three hottest celebrities who are nonetheless lonely meet three adorable dogs that will turn their lives upside down. The ultimate expert of pets, Kang Hyung-wook, will guide them through not-so-easy process of getting to know one’s pet.

Tags A Man Who Feeds the Dog Season 2, variety, ChannelA, pet, Kang Hyung-wook, Lee Kyung-young, Park Chul-min, Kim Won-hae, Lee Geun-hee, Ko Soo-hee, Kangta, Choi Hyun-seok, watch a man who feeds the dog

A Man Who Feeds the Dog Season 2 - Episode

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