Whale : A Butterfly that Loves Winter - 12/28/2012

"One of the Greatest Band in Electronica Scene"

"2009, ‘Dance & Electronic album’ by ‘The 6th Korean Music Awards"

The band [W(Where The Story Ends)] made by well-known group [Kona]’s leader Bae Youngjoon and support musician Han Jaewon, Kim Sanghoon in 1999. [W] released their first album in 2001, and they got the spotlight as the represented electronic music album in Korea. After they released second album in 2005,, people appraised them for the artist who makes electronic music to becoming popular in Korea. Also, they got award from ‘Korean Music Awards’ in 2006 and the second album was selected by ‘100 Masterpiece album in Korea’. Furthermore, W members came across femail vocalist Whale from audition. She expressed various styles songs well through her strong and bluesy voice in the album. She has talented sing a song, play the guitar and song writing and so on Finally, W(Where The Story Ends) and Whale combined new band as W&Whale. While joined new femail vocalist, W&Whale shows more powerful visual and performance. W&Whale's debut album made a big hit in the second half of 2008. Specially their title song <> tied up with 'SK Broadband' TV Commercial, so the song has loved by many people.

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