The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed : E55 - 08/11/2017

Can one powerless woman make a difference in the world? To other people, Moo Goon-hwa’s life might seem like an epitome of hardship and misfortune. After her husband lost his life in the line of duty, she raised her daughter single handedly while working in police force that is not always fair to women. However, she overcomes obstacles one by one with her sunshine attitude and optimism. The drama shows how Moo Goong-hwa brings justice to those who abuse power and finds the love of her own.

Tags : The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed, drama, lovers in bloom, love blooms, mugoonghwa, Im Soo-hyang, Do Ji-hwan, Lee Chang-wook, Lee Eun-hyung, Nam Bo-ra, family, heartwarming, kbs, drama, police