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Theaters and release dates for "The Fortress"
Opens on October 6th
CA Los Angeles CGV Cinemas LA
Buena Park CGV Cinemas Buena Park
Opens on October 18th
NJ New Jersey Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas
Opens on October 20th
"The Fortress" Synopsis
War breaks out between Joseon and Qing in 1636, the 14th reign of King Injo.
Amidst the brutal invasion of Qing, King Injo and his royal vassals flee to Namhansansung.
However, In the blistering cold, besieged by the massive army of Qing and running out of food and water,
the king is ensnared in the dilemma.

He’s torn by the conflict between his two most powerful vassals, Choi Myung-gil and Kim Sang-hun,
one insisting that he must surrender to save the People and the other adamant on preserving the state’s dignity.
As the enemy’s grip tightens, the King’s inner conflict deepens.
How would he be remembered by the posterity?

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