Q: Why there is buffering when playing?

1. While watching our shows, you may operate many browsers at the same time. Also downloading files makes buffering even worse.

2. In some cases, your internet speed might not keep up with the minimum speed we require.

A. Go to www.speedtest.net and click ‘Begin Test’

B. The minimum speed we require is 2.00Mbps. If your internet speed is lower than 2.00Mbps, you may experience some buffering.

Q: I can’t watch some programs from their first episode, why?

Since we have limited library, delivering the latest episode is our priority. We will try to get bigger library in near future.

Q: Can I watch for only 12 min?

No, there is an ad break every 12 min and you can watch rest of them.

Q: Can I watch with smartphones and tablets?

Yes, you can watch with mobile devices.


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