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OnDemandKorea is an online media business venture which officially started its service in March, 2012 after an incubation period at MIT.

Our goal is to bring the highest quality Korean contents to consumers overseas through a lawful route while helping to create a healthy market for culture and contents.

We have three types of clients:

The first group of clients is the viewers of the Korean media contents on our website. We provide the best and highest quality contents under lawful contracts to the consumers who have had to resort to low quality illegal services to access Korean contents. In addition, we will respond to your needs in today’s fast-changing world of advanced technology and bring you the experience of watching TV anywhere online or on mobile devices.

The sponsors who advertise through our website make another group of clients for us. Advertisements are a requirement for us to be able to bring lawful high quality contents to the viewers. On our website, we aim to place the advertisements which can help consumers make informed decisions for the benefit of both our sponsors and viewers. Ultimately, we hope this will contribute to creating a culture of clean contents production and consumption.

Last but not least, there are the contents producers, who are always doing their best to create enjoyable contents for the consumers around the world. We believe that the producers of contents provide the reason for our existence at OnDemandKorea, and we are making our best effort to create an ideal environment in which the producers can create even better contents.

Your support is absolutely essential in achieving our goal. We are always open to suggestions from our users. Please contact us on the Help page if you have any concerns or suggestions, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you.

The OnDemandKorea Team


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